Sunday, July 27, 2008

Boards and Beyond

Boards are done, the semester ended, and now all there is to do is pretty much see patients. Time has been going by slowly and I have so much free time that I am bored at times. Crazy. It has been a long time, years in fact, since I have been really bored. Being bored has let my mind wander a bit, and I have started thinking about what I am going to do when I get out of school. I still want to buy or startup my own practice, but the reality is starting to hit about how scary that could be. But, I will have to do it sometime, and I really don't think that an associateship or residency is for me. I am too sick of making money for someone else, and I do not think I can do too many more years of doing dentistry the way I want to.

So, I started my journey towards my practice by going to and beginning to research the areas I want to go when I graduate. At this point I am trying to compile fourteen zip codes to have studied and then I will move onto the next step of deciding whether or not to buy or scratch start. Exciting and scary times.

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La vida Loca said...

Wish you many successes!